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ASB to hold seminar on FDI in multi-brand retail

Posted on Jan 14, 10:40AM | UNI

Asian School of Business (ASB), Kerala's leading management institute, will organize a seminar on the contentious issue of FDI in multi-brand retail in the state on January 14.

The seminar, with the active involvement of students from ASB and the Kansas University, will feature some high-profile panelists, including Mr K N Balagopal, MP , Mr. G.

Vijayaraghavan, member of the Kerala Planning Board and ASB's member secretary, Anuradha Balaram, Economic Adviser to the Planning Board and Eric Jepsen, a Fulbright scholar and Associate Professor, University of South Dakota.

During the seminar, the students of ASB and the Kansas University will make a presentation on each side of the issue (pros and cons). This will be followed by the panelists providing their perspectives.

Prof. Rajeev S, Director of the ASB, said a major objective of the seminar is to hold a thorough discussion on the FDI policy in its entire gamut, including its impact on economy and supply chain ranging from farmers to retailers, customers and manufacturers.

It would also deliberate on the FDI impact on infrastructure development, inflation management and food shortages.

Some other objectives of the seminar include an evaluation of the need for FDI, its alternatives and their advantages and concerns. An analysis of the impact of large retail chains in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and other Asian countries will also be made.

It will also study the impact of FDI in multi-brand retail on the larger economy, especially in the context of spiralling deficits and slowing growth.

'In particular, the brainstorming session will try to deliberate on the specific impact on Kerala, taking into consideration its social, political and economic aspects.