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10,000 British parents convicted for kids playing truant

Posted on Jan 09, 09:54PM | IANS

A record number of parents in Britain are being convicted for allowing their children to play truant from school. Nearly 10,000 were given a criminal record in 2011, which is a five-fold increase over the past decade, it has been revealed.

Though most of the convicted parents were slapped a fine, some received community service while 11 parents were jailed. A total of 153 parents have received prison sentences for their children's truancy in last 10 years, Daily Express reported.

According to the Ministry of Justice figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, a total of 12,777 parents in England and Wales were taken to court over their children's truancy. Of these, 9,836 were found guilty and sentenced -- a rise of 7.5 percent on the previous year.

Magistrates were given new authority to deal with parents of absent children in 2000, when the maximum fine was raised from to 2,500 pounds from 1,000 pounds .

Nearly 56,000 pupils in state primary and secondary schools skip lessons everyday without due permission.