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Bhagwat statement surprising: Deve Gowda

Posted on Jan 08, 11:51AM | UNI

Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda today expressed surprise over RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat's statement that wives should only serve their husbands and said this was not in tune with the thinking of founding fathers of RSS like Mr Hegdewar.

'Is the RSS going away from its original principles of patriotism and integrity not being serious about the people's feelings?' he asked.

Speaking to reporters here, he said RSS has not remained according to the dreams of Mr Hedgewar who founded the organisation.

Mr Gowda also wanted the Union Government to come out with stringent laws to prevent any such incident in future.

The Janata Dal (S) President said there used to be moral lessons in schools in the past and today all such lessons are absent and hence immorality has been the order of the day.