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Tamil Nadu Wakf Board has Rs 2 lakh Cr properties: Chairman

Posted on Jan 08, 11:30AM | UNI

Tamil Nadu Wakf Board Chairman A Tamilmagan Hussain today said there were 6,800 Wakf properties worth Rs two lakh crore across the state, of properties worth Rs 68,000 crore were under direct control of the Wakf Board.

Addressing Muthavallis of Tiruchirapalli district here, Mr Hussain pointed out that efforts were under way to identify Wakf properties which were at the hands of private individuals.

He said he was 18th Chairman of the State Wakf Board and was doing service to the Islamic community people besides maintaining Wakf Board properties in the last 16 months.

Stating that high number of Wakf properties in Tiruchirapalli district were swallowed by private individuals, he called upon the Muthavallis of the district to cooperate with the Wakf Board to retrieve the Wakf Board properties from the private individuals.

He said the Tamil Nadu was the only state to have Ulemas Welfare Board and Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa had hiked the monthly pension for Ulemas from Rs 750 to Rs 1000, besides increasing the number of Ulemas from 2,200 to 2,700.

Secretary of the Muthvalli Association Mohammed Mohiden pointed out that the office of the Tiruchirapalli District Wakf Board was housed in an old building which endangered staff working there and appealed to Mr Hussain to renovate or to construct a new building for Tiruchirapalli district walkf board.