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Marriage of art forms at Kolkata gallery

Posted on Jan 07, 07:55PM | IBNS

Serigraphs, a collection of creations by celebrated painters Jehangir Sabavala and Jogen Chowdhury, was unveiled on Monday at Emami Chisel Art gallery in Kolkata.

"The artworks represent two distinct artistic traditions which have seamlessly merged to offer a never-before visual experience for the spectators," said an official spokesperson.

Sabavala was one of the first generation of post-colonial Indian artists, who trained in the ateliers of Paris. During six decades of his artistic career he created masterpieces which have been a part of post-colonial visual repertoire. An array of 900 works has emerged from his pallete, most of which have been preserved by art enthusiasts.

The exhibition boasts of 18 of his famed serigraphs which includes creations like The Sorcerer II, At the Desert's Edge, Radiant Cloud to name a few. The works showcased form a moving tapestry which entices the spectators in reveries.

Viewers will also have the opportunity to witness the best of Jogen Chowdhury's oeuvre at Emami Chisel Art. A collection of 18 of his dazzling artworks is surely going to be a connoisseurs' delight.

Chowdhury is known for his ability to blend traditional imagery with the zeitgeist of contemporary painting within an archetypal Bengali milieu. His paintings displayed in the exhibition viz. couple, women with flower, subdued are traditional in its moorings, yet global in their flavor and outlook.

The intriguing darkness, the evocative backgrounds speak a language which is essentially Chowdhury's.

"The stylistic elements and motifs of Jehangir Sabawala and Jogen Chowdhury are quite different-yet they are united by a thread which is unmistakably Indian," said a spokesperson of Emami Chisel Art.

"Since inception, Emami Chisel Art has been championing the cause of Indian art. The idea is to proffer a space where all forms of artistry cohabit and thrive. In this exhibition too, two divergent streams of artistic excellence will intermingle," said the spokesperson.

The exhibition will be open to the public at Emami Chisel Art from Jan 7-31.