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German magazine publishes Bush senior's obituary by mistake

Posted on Dec 31, 02:11PM | IBNS

Weekly German news magazine published an obituary of former US President George HW Bush by mistake on Sunday.

The incomplete article was live on the magazine's website for a few minutes before readers noticed it and it was taken off.

On November 23, Bush senior was hospitalized in Houston for the treatment of a bronchitis-related cough and moved to intensive care on December 23 after he developed a fever.

However, a spokesperson said Bush was moved out of the ICU because his condition had improved.

According to reports, the obituary described Bush as "a colorless politician" whose image only improved when compared to the later presidency of his son, George W. Bush.

The magazine apologized for the faux pas on Twitter: "All newsrooms prepare obituaries for selected figures. The fact that the one for Bush senior went live was a technical mistake. Sorry!"