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Universities need to provide quality education: Pranab

Posted on Dec 28, 05:38PM | IBNS

President Pranab Mukherjee on Friday said universities need to provide quality education that meet international benchmarks.

Speaking at the Convocation of SRM University in Chennai on Friday, Mukherjee said: With unlimited demands and limited resources, it is important that the private sector also contributes its best to the provision of higher education in India."

"The private sector has played a key role in higher education in other countries across the world. Many top universities including Harvard, Yale and Stanford are the result of efforts of the private sector. There is no reason why Indian private sector cannot achieve similar results."

The President said universities must satisfy the citizens that they are taking up the cause of education not for private profit but in public service.

"There is a clear view that higher education needs a systematic re-look, so that India can educate much larger numbers without diluting academic standards. The objectives of reform and change in our higher education system must be expansion, excellence and inclusion," he said.

"It is essential that a transparent framework for better service delivery be established in the field of private education," said Mukherjee.