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Karuna seeks assistance to distraught farmers

Posted on Dec 27, 09:53AM | UNI

DMK president M Karunanidhi today urged the Tamil Nadu government to provide liberal assistance to the drought-hit farmers in the Cauvery Delta areas and prevent them from committing suicide due to withering Samba crops.

In an epistle to partymen, the said the government, which has surplus revenue, has the responsbility to save the farmers from comitting suicide by finding ways and means to sustain their livelihood.

Appealing to the ruling AIADMK headed by Ms Jayalalithaa to act in a magnanimous manner, he said the government should compensate the affected farmers with liberal assistance, besides providing adequate solatium to their families.

He alleged that the government was trying to conceal the facts and divert the attention on the issue of suicide of farmers.

Noting that the failure of nature could happen during any government, he said attempts to conceal the facts was not proper.

Mr Karunanidhi said instead of attempting to conceal the facts on the number of suicides by farmers, the government should come forward to provide adequate compensation without any further delay and provide government jobs for one member of the family of farmers, who have ended their lives.

"This is the duty of a democratic government", he added.