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Forum to share eco-friendly farming practices

Posted on Dec 24, 05:53PM | UNI

'Harithasangamam,' a reunion of some of the reputed farmers in Kerala, was organised here as part of sharing their expertise and experience in eco-friendly farming and raring.

The gathering, organised as part of the ten-day National Biodiversity Expo hosted by the Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB) which began yesterday, was an endeavour on the part of the Board to include farmers in conservation efforts.

"Farmers are the greatest conservationists in the world.

No other community has contributed so much to the cause of conservation as farmers have," Dr KP Laladhas, Member Secretary, Kerala State Biodiversity Board (KSBB), said.

Dr Laladhas emphasised on the role played by farmers and the need for knowledge sharing between the framing and scientific community.

"While scientific methods and facilities like seed banks are coming up, conservation in the natural habitat is always the best method of conservation," he added.

"Conservation of both our plan and animal diversity is the only means of sustaining the biodiversity in the country today and the role of farmers in this endeavour is inevitable," Dr Oommen V. Oommen, Chariman, KSBB, said.

On the wealth of traditional knowledge in the traditional farming sector, Dr Oommen called to make the occasion a platform for sharing this knowledge for the mutual benefit of farmers.