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Fortis screens 751 women for cervical cancer, sets record

Posted on Dec 24, 09:49AM | IANS

Fortis Hospital here Sunday created a new record by screening 751 women for cervical cancer in an eight-hour marathon session as part of its 'Teal To Heal Together', a hospital official said Sunday.

The hospital broke an earlier Guinness World Record, beating the earlier record of 350 participants held by Kaiser Permanente, San Diego, US, on the Jan 29 last year.

"Although cervical cancer ranks as the number one killer disease in India, breast cancer has received utmost attention. Through this campaign, Fortis is aiming to revolutionise how cervical cancer is perceived and prevented nationwide," Varun Khanna, regional director (east and west), of Fortis Healthcare said after the newly achieved Guinness World Record.

Over 50 gynaecologists and oncologists screened 751 participants.

According to a survey quoted by Fortis, over 1,30,000 new cases of cervical cancer are detected each year. It is estimated that the figure will touch 2,26,000 by 2025.