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2 punished for taking photographs of girl on moblie phone

Posted on Dec 22, 08:28AM | UNI

Two youths were today asked to write for 60 times that taking photos without permission was an offence and they would not repeat it as a punishment for taking photos of a girl on their moblie phone.

The novel punishment was awarded to two youths, hailing from Thrissur and working as sales representatives by the Erumapetty Police Sub Inspector, when he received a complaint from the family of a girl, alleging that the youths took her photographs without her permission, while taking orders from the shop.

Based on a complaint, the police officer examined their mobiles and found photographs of the girl. On interrogating, they confessed that they had taken photos of the girl to know whether the girl was suitable for a model of their products.

However, the police contacted the relatives of the youths, as they were not satisfied with the answers given by the youths, as such photos could be misused in future, the sources said.

'The offence is punishable under section 119/b KP act (taking photographs or recording videos or propagating them at any place in a manner affecting the reasonable privacy of women) and attracts imprisonment which may extend to three years or with fine not exceeding ten thousand rupees or with both), SI Girijavallabhan told UNI However, the relatives and the youths confessed that it was their ignorance and it would not be repeated again.

After being satisfied with the confession by the youths, the police let them free with warning, he added.