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Mild tremors in Kerala

Posted on Dec 22, 08:27AM | UNI

Mild tremors were reported at Alakode near Thaliparamaba in the wee hours of today. Though the tremors did not cause any damage to material or human life, residents were afraid as they had been reccurring in the last three months in the hill areas of Alakode, Karuvanchal and Chapparapadavu.

Over ten instances of tremors were reported so far within a span of three months, sources said. Today, the tremors were first felt at 0347 hrs and occurred thrice within a span of seconds.

Another mild tremor was reported at 0745 hrs resulting in minor cracks in the walls of a house of T Kunhambu at Athirukunnile.

Revenue officials said the tremors occurred due to the functioning of granite quarries nearby.

The last time the tremors occurred were on December 15 resulting in cracks in the wall of a house. The water in the well also vanished on the same day.