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21.12.12: Of Apocalypse, fear and revelry

Posted on Dec 21, 02:20PM | IBNS

Just when the Christmas bells are about to ring, setting the mood of joy and merriness, Mayan calender comes to an end on Dec 21, bringing a prediction of doomsday.

According to media reports, thousands of tourists are moving towards the Peak of Bugarach in France, as they belief it is the only place to avert the catastrophic apocalypse.

Netherlands based Peter Frank Van Dar Mir has reportedly made a boat, costing him eleven thousand pounds, which will shelter to about 50 persons, as Netherlands is believed to be attacked by Tsunami, media reports said.

While on one hand, people in India are carrying on with their daily chores, some are also planning ways to celebrate their last day on Earth.

Someeshna Roy, a 1st year B.A. student of Surendranath College for Women, said," We are in no mood to attend the classes today, we want to enjoy our last day."

Srijoni Basu, a class 8 student said," I will like to have a treat in every five-star hotels on Dec 21 before I die."

People across all sections of society, no matter whatever religion they follow, want to celebrate the iconic day as the world is believed to be coming to an end on Dec 22.

Said Afreen Khan, a 3rd year B.A. student, "We'll all go to Park Street to celebrate this day as well as Christmas since we are not sure whether we'll live after today."

The confusion of world coming to an end has not only engulfed India, but has spread across the globe, making people wonder whether they will survive Dec 21.

Social networking sites are the most affected as they are bombarded with opinions, enabling the world once again to unite in their attempt to execute their views on Dec 21.

Sharii tweeted, "Funny how I'm still alive and my clock says 12:11. did the Mayans specify which TIME on 21/12/12?"

Amy tweeted,"i think i will spend 21.12.12 i.e,. the apocalypse reflecting on how my life went wrong. for example: my last tweet."

But there are also many netizens who call this prediction a mere hoax.

Callum Smith tweeted,"Wait there while i tweet about how i didn't die on 21/12/12."

On the other hand, NASA Podcasts call it as just another day.

Waving away all rumours, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology said the Mayan calender comes to an end since it is an end of a cycle, just as our calender ends on Dec 31 every year.

According to the prediction, Niburu, which is suppose to be a planet that's four times the size of the Earth, will get very close to the Earth and cause all kinds of disasters.

But if the planet did come close, the NASA astronomers would've seen it long ago and if it were invisible somehow, they would've seen the affects of this planet on neighbouring planets, the report says.

There have been other beliefs like that of a solar storm associated with Dec. 21st of 2012, but according to NASA experts the next solar activity will take place actually in May of 2013.

It's supposed to be fairly mild solar activity maximum and there's no evidence that there's going to be any solar storms, reports stated.

The other view is that of planetary alignment, as the sun, the Earth and some of the planets are aligned, which are going to cause some tidal effects on the Earth and that's going to be catastrophic.

But NASA experts has ridiculed any such planetary alignments in December, 2012 and even if there were, there are no tidal effects on the Earth as a result.

Despite being fed with all kinds of reasoning, people across the world are seen caught up in the web of confusion as the day rolls on.

It's only after Dec 22 that the world will find out the truth and rejoice once again.