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Ultra slim external drive launched

Posted on Dec 21, 10:07AM | UNI

Taiwan-based Technology Company ADATA launched 'the world's first 8.9 mm ultra slim external drive' in Kerala market today.

Launching the product, ADATA Technology India Pvt Limited Vice President Sudip De informed ADATA also unveiled a military-grade shockproof and waterproof external hard disk.

The latest products from ADATA, coded HD710 for the shock- and waterproof external hard drive and HE720 for the world's first 8.9mm ultra-slim hard drive, is a wave of new technology in the Indian market, and specially so in Kerala,he claimed.

HD710 is available in three forms of 500GB, 640 GB and 1 TB, all at affordable prices ranging from Rs.5500 to Rs. 8500 while HE720 comes with a storage capacity of 500 GB at Rs. 7900, he said 'These are innovations of the modern age. In an ever-shrinking world, memory expands. For people on the go, this is the definitive memory solution. There is always demand for better products.

'With the shock and water proof drive, you can be sure that your data is most secure even in the harshest of environments, or the roughest handling. Data loss is very common in external hard disk due to drop and water.

'The user need not worry too much about shaking the drive while in use, as they used to before,' he added.