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UP state employees continue their agitation against Reservation Bill

Posted on Dec 19, 07:52AM | UNI

The normal functioning of government departments in Uttar Pradesh continued to be distrupted today following an indefinite strike called by the state employees against the Reservation in Promotion Bill.

Uttar Pradesh government employees, opposing the Reservation in Promotion Bill, have blocked the roads near Vidhan Sabha and other places in the state capital this morning. The state employees agitated with passage of the Bill in the Rajya Sabha yesterday, announced to intensify their agitation.

President of the Sarvjan Hitay Sanrakshan Samiti (SHSS), the outfit leading anti-quota agitation in UP, Shailendra Dubey said here that the state employees would continue their strike and would not bend to pressure from any quarter.

Reports from the districts also claimed that functioning in almost all government offices in the state have been paralysed due to the agitation, Mr Dubey claimed.

SHSS in its meeting here welcoming the stand of the SP that quota in promotions was against national interest and they claimed that this Bill will tigger 'castist war' in the society.

Officials here today claimed that due to the strike by the state employees for the past one week, all the developmental works have been affected.