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AITA: Mumbai players make hay

Posted on Dec 18, 10:19PM | IBNS

Mumbai players Tanmay Thakar, Pareen Shivekar and Ishwari Seth sent seeded players packing out of the Club Solaris Junior Ranking AITA Championship Series tennis tournament, on Tuesday.

On a day that saw four upsets, Thakar got the better of sixth seed local lad Neel Lapalikar 9-1 to make it to the Boy's Under-14 quarter-finals.

In the same event, local lad Ayush Prabhune recorded the biggest upset of the day by better of second seed Sivadeep Kosar Raju without even hitting a ball, as the Andhra lad didn't make it in time for his match, and was defaulted.

The other two upsets came in the Girls Under-16 category. Pareen Shivekar was a little too strong for sixth seed Shrishti Dass, winning the second round match 9-4. Ishwari Seth won a close battle against No. 5 seed Dakshata Patel 9-7 to make it to the last eight.

It was a mixed day for the Seth's as Ishwari's elder sister Priyangana was completely outplayed by Tamil Nadu's second seed R Sai Avanthika.

State players Rian Pandole and Mayur Borse continued their impressive run to make it to the quarter-finals of the Boys Under-16 event.

Mayur, who had shocked No. 4 seed Kotak Kunj on Monday, eased past Sanket Awhale 9-6 in a second round encounter. Rian, who had beaten fifth seed Cummings Christian in Round 1, defeated Gujarat's Aman Patel 9-4 to make it to quarter-finals.

Prachi Naidu and Rashmika Rajan, who had knocked out seeded players on Monday, also continued their dream run to make it to Girls Under-16 quarter-finals.

Maharashtra girl Prachi crushed State-mate Rajnandini Kulkarni without losing a single game, while Karnataka's Rashmika got the better of Simran Kejriwal 9-5

RESULTS (Round-2)

Boys; Under 14: 1-C. Vashisht (Kar) bt Dhruv Sunish (Mah) 9-3; 7-Siddhant Banthia (Mah) bt Architram Senathi (Mah) 9-1; 3-Vastin Thaker (Mah) bt Vatsal Gandhi (Mah) 9-6; 5-Kunj Kotak (Guj) bt Aman Patel (Guj) 9-3; Tanmay Thakar (Mah) bt 6-Neil Lapalikar (Mah) 9-1; 4-Christian Cummings (Mah) bt Akhil Rane (Mah) 9-5; 8-Armaan Bhatia (Mah) bt A K Rohit (AP) 9-3; Aayush Prabhune (Mah) w/o 2-Sivadeep Kosaraju (AP).

Under 16: 1-Aditya Gokhale (Mah) bt Prajeet Oswal (Mah) 9-2; 7-Neel Lapalikar (Mah) bt Shaunak Kulkarni (Mah) 9-7; Mayur Borse (Mah) bt Sanket Awhale (Mah) 9-6; 6-Kosaraju Sivadeep (AP) bt Dhruv Sunish (Mah) 9-8(1); Tanmay Thakkar (Mah) bt Yash Agarwal (Mah) 9-8 (3); 3-Vastin Thaker (Mah) bt Mihir Damle (Mah) 9-5; Rian Pandole (Mah) bt Aman Patel (Guj) 9-4; 2-Jayesh Pungalia (Mah) bt Rahil Mehta 9-0.

Girls; Under-14: 1-Zeel Desai (Guj) bt Parveen Shivekar (Mah) 9-4;6-Simran Kejriwal (Mah) bt Priyangana Seth (Mah) 9-2; 4-Shrishti Dass (Mah) bt Neha Mokashi (Mah) 9-3; 7-Moksha Thukral (Mah) bt Ishwari Matere (Mah) 9-5; 5-Rashmika Rajan (Kar) bt Vrushali Khaire (Mah) 9-4;3-Shivani Ingale (Mah) bt Vaidehi Chaudhari (Guj) 9-6; 8-Zeel Gandhi (Guj) bt Neha Ghare (Mah) 9-3; 2-R.Sai Avanthika (TN) bt Dakshita Patel (Mah) 9-0.

Under-16: 1-Zeel Desai (Guj) bt Suprabha Pujari (Mah) 9-2; Pareen Shivekar bt 6-Shrishti Dass (Mah) 9-4; Prachi Naidu (Mah) bt Rajnandini Kulkarni (Mah) 9-0; 8-Moksha Thukral (Mah) bt Anushka Sathe (Mah) 9-3; Rashmika Rajan (Kar) bt Simran Kejriwal 9-5; 4-Shivani Ingale (Mah) bt Vaidehi Chaudhari (Guj) 9-4; Ishwari Seth (Mah) bt 5-Dakshata Patel (Mah) 9-7; 2-R.Sai Avanthika (TN) bt Priyangana Seth (Mah) 9-0.