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TV actor Mithil Jain enjoying newfound popularity

Posted on Dec 17, 07:40AM | IANS

Mithil Jain, who is currently seen in TV show "Junoon", never planned a career on the small screen, but actor is now enjoying every bit of it and is satisfied with the way he is shaping up.

"I never planned to enter TV. When I used to do theatre, I used to win a lot of awards there. I thought I am made for movies. I wanted to become a hero in a film. But when I went there (films), I realised that an influence works and groupism is also there," Mithil told IANS.

"Then, the other alternative was television. I never wanted to do only theatre, and I joined TV. From last two years, I am satisfied with doing TV, as the characters are given importance here," he said.

Jain, 34, forayed into small screen jobs with "Jab Luv Hua" and was later seen in "Annu Ki Ho Gayee Waah Bhai Waah", "Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag" and "Phulwa". He is currently a part of Life Ok's "Junoon".

He is satisfied with his role in "Junoon" and said it is like playing four different characters in one role.

"It is like playing four characters in one. There are so many different shades which I am getting to play. I am very fortunate for this. I have been waiting for this show to start, I got other offers as well...but not as interesting as this," he said.

The actor is also enjoying his newfound popularity and loves the fact that people now recognise him

"When you are moving out and people gather around you, you do like it. Popularity means that people follow you around. I like it when it happens with me. I like that admiration which I get from people outside. Also, in this way, you get feedback also from people," he said.

Schedules in TV may be hectic, but the actor doesn't mind it.

"It's a 9am to 9pm shift. I don't think anyone works all 12 hours in a day. You can manage your time. It's like how a businessman does. For me, my first passion is acting, so no matter how much you make me work, I don't mind," he said.

However, Mithil still hasn't given up his plans to enter films.

"The future plan is simple. I want to get into films and do good roles. I know I can make it," he said.