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Gynaecologists meet in Ghaziabad

Posted on Dec 15, 09:55PM | IANS

Gynaecologists from across the country met here Saturday to address the urgent need to reduce the maternal mortality rate (MMR), an organiser said.

"Maternal mortality is unacceptably high and about 800 women die from pregnancy or childbirth related complications around the world every day. It is upsetting to know that India tops in rate of maternal deaths worldwide, as it stands on third position according to UN figures," said Ragini Agarwal, one of the oragnisers.

Columbia Asia Hospital and Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Society (GOGS) of India organised the meet in which 70 doctors took part.

At present, the maternal mortality rate (MMR) of India is 212 per one lakh live births, whereas the country's target is to reduce it to 109 per one lakh live births by 2015.

"To curb the problem one should go for proper checkups which ensures early detection, timely intervention and prevention," Agarwal said.

The major complications that account for 80 percent of all maternal deaths are: severe bleeding (mostly after childbirth), infections (usually after childbirth), high blood pressure during pregnancy and unsafe abortion.