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Direct Cash Transfer panel follows up progress

Posted on Dec 14, 09:25PM | IBNS

Adhering to directions of the National Committee on Direct Cash Transfers, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Nov 26, the Executive Committee on Friday held a meeting for the follow-up action On Direct Cash Transfers.

The Committee, chaired by the Principal Secretary in the PMO, discussed in detail the core objective of how Direct Cash Transfers of benefits, in the identified 34 schemes in the selected 43 districts (excluding, till the end of the election process, 8 districts in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat), will be implemented as per the timelines finalized earlier by the National Committee.

The committee decided on a one-day meeting of the Collectors of the concerned districts (excluding Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh) to be held between Dec 10-15.

Planning Commission will organize a video conference with Chief Secretaries/Finance Secretaries of the participating states to assess the preparedness for commencing the rollout.

The Ministries, who will be implementing the schemes at field level, are required to firm up and digitise databases, complete enrolment for Aadhaar by all beneficiaries, ensure bank accounts for all beneficiaries, ensure that Aadhaar numbers are entered into bank account databases and beneficiary databases, in the coming few weeks.

Standardized formats for the basic data to be collected for entry of Aadhaar numbers and bank account details will be finalised by D/o Financial Services, in consultation with UIDAI, Banks and implementing Ministries and sent to Planning Commission for circulation to all concerned.

For Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Ministries will continue to transfer funds through states as at present.

The Department of Expenditure is required to work out, in consultation with DoFS, UIDAI, Planning Commission and other implementing Ministries, the process for fund flows and any changes that need to be made to current instructions on Utilisation Certificates, etc., so that all these meet the government accounting and reporting requirements.

The Secretaries of implementing Ministries may also consider visits to a neighbouring district to familiarize themselves with ground realities and the processes that will be needed for the rollout to be effective.

Banks would also be authorized to be Registrars for Aadhaar numbers and will be enabled to enroll beneficiaries for Aaadhaar at the locations where camps are to be held and otherwise as well.

Matters relating to schemes of the Ministry of Rural Development will be addressed in a separate meeting.