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Gogoi directs for more power to parliamentary secretaries

Posted on Dec 14, 08:14PM | UNI

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi today directed his ministers to assign more tasks and powers to parliamentary secretaries after the latter approached him, disgruntled at being reduced to powerless entities in their respective departments.

Talking to reporters outside the state Assembly, Mr Gogoi said he has asked his ministerial colleagues to ensure that they share their work with the parliamentary secretaries designated to their respective departments.

All 21 parliamentary secretaries had yesterday met the chief minister and alleged before him that were being sidelined in their departments and no work or power was being shared with them by the ministers.

The Chief Minister admitted that this issue of sharing power always remained a problem.

'Not just the parliamentary secretaries in a state, even ministers of state without independent charge in the Centre complain of no power,' he added.

Mr Gogoi said this disgruntlement among the parliamentary secretaries will not impact the relation with the ministers and the government will continue to act as one unit.