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Mausam Khatri defeats Nigerian Wrestler on points

Posted on Dec 14, 05:54PM | UNI

Mausam Khatree defeated Nigerian Wrestler Boltic Sinvis on points and won tha 'Jansurjya Shakti Kesari' title last night at Warnanagar in Panhala tehsil of the district,In the second bout, Narsing Yadav, Commenwealth games winner. defeated Pakistani Wrestler Suleman Rasid also on points and won the 'Warna Sakhar Kesari' title.

In a six minute fight, Khatri secured eight points in three rounds and won the 'Jansurajya Shakti Kesari' title, In the second fight Narsing secured seven points in two rounds and defeated Rasid and won the 'Warna Sahkar Kesari' title.

In the third fight. Youdhveer Sing of Senagal overpowered Double Maharashtra Kesari Chandrahar Patil on 'Hapta' innings in seven minutes and won the title 'Warna Dudh Sangh Kesari', while in fourth fight between Maharashtra Kesari Samadhan Ghodke and Pakistani Wrestler Rustam-A-Oai Jahid Butt, Ghodke defeated Butt on 'Ghissa' innings.

Four Pakistani and two Nigerian Wrestlers were among 150 Wrestlers, who participated in the international tournament.