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US Marine jailed in Japan for molesting woman

Posted on Dec 14, 06:05AM | IANS

A 21-year-old US Marine was Thursday sentenced to four years in jail for molesting a Japanese woman in Okinawa region, a media report said.

The Naha district court found the US serviceman guilty of molesting and assaulting the woman, in her 40s, in August.

The judge said the accused ignored human rights of the victim and committed a despicable and violent crime.

The woman was assaulted from behind and dragged to the ground in a residential area in Naha, capital city of Okinawa, Aug 18.

During the trial, the US serviceman said he wants to apologise to the woman for the assault.

Prosecutors said the accused was under the influence of alcohol and plotted to molest the woman who was walking down the street.

As reports increase of crimes committed by drunken US soldiers in Japan, the US has imposed curfew to prevent its servicemen from night-time drinking.