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TV actor Gurmeet advised bed rest

Posted on Dec 13, 12:54PM | IBNS

It was a moment of panic for everybody on the sets of Zee TV's Punarvivaah when the hero of the show Gurmeet Choudhary recently went breathless and complained of pain in the chest.

Seeing that the actor was in great discomfort, the crew members rushed the actor to a hospital in Borivili close to the Mira road sets in Mumbai.

The actor underwent a test that raised concerns of a heart problem.

At merely 28 years of age and given his meticulous fitness regimen, Gurmeet found it difficult to digest that he could have suffered a heart problem.

Given the modest facilities and the disorganized state of affairs in the hospital, his wife Debina insisted on repeating the tests and double-checking the results at the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Andheri.

Gurmeet underwent a battery of tests and much to everyone's relief, it was confirmed and re-confirmed that the chest pain was a result of a muscular spasm and not a cardiac arrest.

Overwork and the previous evening's rigorous workout had apparently resulted in his chest muscles going into an acute spasm.

"Gurmeet was first admitted to a hospital near the sets of Punarvivaah in Mira Road. An ECG was conducted but they were not able to give us a confirmed report, which left us worried," said Debina.

"So we repeated the tests at a more reputable hospital. We're relieved now since the doctors have said that its just a muscle spasm. I'll ensure that he takes it easy at work and gym for a while! " she said.

"I'd like all my fans to know that I'm fine. It was not a heart attack. For the last 7 months I have been constantly dancing (mostly involving a lot of lifts ), shooting, working out my chest and back muscles to a point of fatigue in the gym," said Gurmeet.

"All kinds of rumors have been floating around and I have been getting a lot of calls from worried fans but I'm already on my way to a speedy recovery. In fact, I resume the shoot for Punarvivaah today itself!" he said.