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Triple blasts at Syrian ministry kill five

Posted on Dec 13, 06:45AM | IANS

At least five people were killed and 23 others injured after triple blasts targeted the main gate of Syria's interior ministry in Damascus Wednesday evening, Xinhua reported.

The first two blasts were caused by explosive devices and went off while the third was caused by a booby-trapped car having 200 kg explosives, the ministry said in a statement aired on the state- TV.

The death and injury toll included civilians and members of the ministry, it added.

Syrian Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar and other top officers were unscathed.

A TV footage showed an inside part of the ministry with broken walls and smashed windows.

The ministry's blasts came at the end of a day which remained busy with explosions. Earlier in the day, four roadside bombs went off in the Damascus's suburb of Jaramana and the parking lot of the main courthouse in Damascus, leaving at least one person killed and some others injured.