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Man gets death for poisoning Chinese lawmaker

Posted on Dec 12, 10:20PM | IANS

A man in China has been sentenced to death for killing a provincial legislator with a poisonous herb dubbed "heartbreak grass" after stealing large amounts of money from the victim.

Huang Guang, a former deputy head of an agricultural office in Yangchun of Guangdong province, was convicted of both fraud and murder, the Shanghai Daily reported.

A court ruled that Huang decided to kill Long Liyuan, after swindling around 1.4 million yuan from Long, who headed a wood processing company.

Long went to lunch with Huang and a friend to a restaurant Dec 23, 2011, when Huang asked the owner of the restaurant to prepare cat meat soup and sneaked into the kitchen, where he put gelsemium elegan, a poisonous herb also known as "heartbreak grass" into the soup.

He soaked the toxic herbs for a few minutes and threw them away.

Long said the soup tasted bitter, but Huang persuaded him to eat it saying it might have been made with extra Chinese medicines or that the gallbladder of the cat was torn.

All three, including Huang himself, ate the cat meat soup and began to throw up.

Long, who ate more than the other two, died, and Huang and the other man survived after medical treatment.