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TV actor gets paranormal experience

Posted on Dec 12, 02:59PM | IBNS

This is one shoot that actor Ashish Sharma, will not forget for a long time to come. After all, it does not happen every day that an actor, resting in his vanity van, meets with a paranormal experience that leaves him gasping for his breath!

With the date - December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) - looming large, Zee TV decided to shoot a special 'Doomsday' promo with the 'bad guys' across its primetime shows, each one challenging the protagonists of their respective shows that 12/12/12 will be their day and they will emerge victorious.

Dressed in black from top to toe, actors Ashish Sharma (Ranveer of Rab Se Sohna Isshq), Usha Nadkarni (Savita tai of Pavitra Rishta), Vineet Raina (Prashant of Punarvivaah) and Varun Badola (Vikram of Phir Subah Hogi) will make a fiery proclamation that the Doomsday is when their evil intentions to create havoc in the lives of the main leads will come true and they will finally get what they have always fought for!

All episodes of Zee TV's primetime shows on 12/12/12 will be told from the perspective of each of these villains.

To bring alive the evil flavor of the Doomsday drama, it was decided that this villains promo should be shot at Mukesh Mills in Mumbai - an eerie and deserted location known for being spooked by ghosts.

Little did the crew know that one of its actors would actually get a real taste of what legend associates with the location.

When Ashish Sharma landed at Mukesh Mills in the evening, he realized that some of his costumes weren't ready and that he'd have to wait until 10 pm for his sequences.

Zee TV's Villains take over on Doomsday 12-12-12

Given that his shot was a good 3 hours later, the actor decided to catch a little shut-eye in the vanity.

However, when the actor woke up to a call on his cell phone, he was shocked when he found himself unable to get up and receive the call.

The actor says, "It was almost as if someone was sitting on me and pressing down hard against my chest, not wanting to let me get up! I was in a state of complete panic as I wasn't even able to move my fingers. I have never experienced anything like this."

It was only ten minutes later when a crew member opened the vanity door and stepped in, that the pressure eased off at once and Ashish could rise from the bed.

Looking at beads of sweat on his forehead and his aghast expression, the crew member enquired what was wrong.

Ashish was too shell-shocked to describe his experience.

But he later told a few of his Rab Se Sohna Isshq unit members what had transpired in the vanity van.

It was, then, that they all sat and discussed all the spooky rumors they had heard about Mukesh Mills over the years and everyone decided to stick together rather than wandering off anywhere alone.