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Tobacco products consumption reduced: NOTE

Posted on Dec 12, 02:48PM | IBNS

The National Organization for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE) on Wednesday claimed that overall tobacco consumption in Goa has reduced to 8 percent.

Quoting GATS study by World Health Organization and Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, NOTE General Secretary Dr Shekhar Salkar said strong anti-tobacco movement helped in achieving this target.

"...There is significant impact of anti-tobacco movement for the last 25 to 30 years which has reduced the number of tobacco related oral cavity cancer cases in Goa. There are at present only 20 percent of the total cancer cases as compared to all over India where it stands at 45percent of the total cancer patients," he said quoting studies.

NOTE has given the credit to the state government and various enforcement agencies in taking the bold initiative in enacting a legislation which has banned the use of tobacco containing food articles since 2005.

The NOTE-India conducted their independent surveys across Goa and found there are no cases of such open display of gutka. Salkar claimed that easy availability of such prohibited food articles containing tobacco has virtually disappeared.

"However its illicit and concealed trading cannot be ruled out and we think that total disappearance from the market is virtually impossible as there is every small percentage of the migrant population having access to such prohibited articles by various illicit means," he added.