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Govinda Pillai suffered mental agony of more than 51 wounds

Posted on Dec 11, 10:10AM | UNI

Though 51 hacks were not inflicted up on veteran CPI (M) leader and Marxist ideologue P Govinda Pillai, his mind suffered the agony of many more wounds, Marxian ideologue and former Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University G Balamohan Thampi alleged here today.

Hinting the intolerance of CPM towards its rivals, the comment gained political attention following the recent brutal murder of CPM rebel and RMP leader T P Chandrasekharan, who recieved more than 51 stab wounds.

"It is the fault of the CPI(M), if Govinda Pillai (who died recently) had feared that he might lose the party membership if he had spoken his mind frankly on party matters," he said while releasing a book, 'PG Yute Pusthakam', which contains selected articles written by Govinda Pillai.

"This was due to the intolerance of the CPI(M) and its new culture of dining along with class enemies, resulting into the cessation of party's growth," he lambasted.

"The ability of Govinda Pillai should have been utilised for framing economic and education policies by including him in the politbureau of the party," he opined.

"But, Govinda Pillai had to face the wrath of CPM on more than one occasion. He was demoted on breach of discipline when he criticised party policies," he added.

The book was released at the 16th DC International Book Fair and Cultural Fest at Kanakakkunnu Palace here this evening.