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IIT taught me to think differently: Pain

Posted on Dec 08, 09:05PM | IBNS

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) alumni who have ventured into different fields of work - such as filmmaker Bedabrata Pain - on Saturday shared their experiences on 'Touching base with the society-IITians in literature, media, arts, entertainment and heritage' on the second day of the PanIIT Alumni Global Conference 2012 here.

"I studied in IIT Kharagpur for four years. IIT taught me to think differently," Bedabrata Pain said.

"You have to accept the challenges that come your way and solve it. That is how, I was able to leave NASA even after serving 15 years as a senior research scientist and enter the world of filmmaking," he said.

Speaking on the adaptation of technological advances in films, Pain said: "We need to constantly adapt and readapt to the changes."

Pain is the director of this year's critically-acclaimed film 'Chittagong' based upon actual events of the Chittagong Uprising during the Indian Independence movement.

Speaking at the congregation, executive producer of animated film 'Delhi Safari', Aditya Jha said: "Everyone born in USA aspired to become the President. Similarly, everyone born in India, aspired to become a filmmaker. That is how I landed up in films."

Prof. Kiran Seth and engineer-turned-artist Sujata Tibrewala were also present at the event.

The PanIIT Alumni Global conference 2012 started in Kolkata on Friday and will continue till Dec 9.

The PanIIT Alumni Association was formed in 2002 to gather all graduating IITians from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) since 1955 under one umbrella and engage them in initiatives of common interest.