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City Hospital does heart transplant

Posted on Dec 08, 07:23PM | UNI

Fifty-eight-year-old Narayanan, a native of Andhra Pradesh employed with Chennai Port Trust here, was suffering from a terminal heart failure caused by Dilated Cardiomyopathy or an enlarged heart with both the left and right ventricles dilating due to viral, metabolic, ischemic or nutritional reasons.

Diagnosis revealed that heart transplant was the only option as the ejection fraction of his barely functional heart was a mere 20 per cent.

Having underwent an angiogram five years back, he was wheeled into the Global Hospitals and Health City at suburban Perumbakkam in a critical condition recently.

The clinical tests showed a barely functional heart with 20 per cent EF (ejection fraction), which needed immediate Heart Transplant Surgery.

Another angiogram revealed some blocks and the PET viability tests conducted on him showed that 35 per cent of his muscles were not viable to perform a bypass or angioplasty, leaving transplant as the only option.

After getting the donor from a brain dead woman, the heart transplant was performed on him on November 27, giving a new lease of life for Narayanan.