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Kolkata eatery hosts food festival

Posted on Dec 08, 06:25PM | IBNS

Multi-cuisine restaurant Charcoal Grill, in association with Kingfisher, on Friday announced 'Chill and Grill Festival' with unlimited beer and kebabs for foodies of Kolkata.

Tollywood actress Pallavi Chatterjee was present on this occasion to taste some exotic coastal and mughlai kebab items at the eatery.

Being a complete foodie, Chatterjee told IBNS, "Fish tikka is one of my favourite kebabs here. As I come here very frequently to satisfy my stomach, every time I prefer to go for fish tikka as a starter."

"It is non-oily, low fat and I love its taste. I'm eagerly looking forward to taste the other innovative kebabs on this special occasion Chill and Grill."

The festival will have some 10 different variants of exotic, coastal and mainly non-veg grilled kebabs items like Murgh Malai Kebab, Mahi Rawa Fry, Bombay Duck Fry, Schewezan Prawn, Murgh Kesari Kebab and Gosht Sheekh kebab; and for the vegetarian Subz Sheekh Kebab, Chilly Baby Corn, Paneer Tikka, etc., which will captivate the food-lovers of Kolkata.

"Kolkata is a paradise of food. As the people over here have loved Bengali Cinema since its inception, they also love to try different gourmets to bring change in taste buds," she said.

The Spread at the Beer and Kebab Festival at Charcoal Grill

"Right from the street foods like phucha, jhalmuri, chop, cutlet to cuisines like Mughlai, Thai, Chinese, diverse kinds of Cocktails, mock tails all have acquired a special place in Bengalis heart."

"As winter is another festive season to celebrate, we just cannot do without good foods. Bengalis and foods go hand-in-hand," the actress asserted.

Speaking about her new projects, Chatterjee said, "After a long time once again I have signed two films."

"One is titled as Prem Juddha, about a teacher- student relationship and another one is named as Ganesh Talikies directed by Anjan Dutta, where I will be playing a Marwari lady."

"It is a great experience to work with Anjan da. Fingers crossed and I am looking forward to it."

Being asked about playing a role opposite Tollywood superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee and her own brother, she said, "I wanted to play a heroine opposite him since early days. But that was never fulfilled."

"I do not know why. In future if I get any offer I would think over it. But that only could happen if the script insists me to do that. Presently I am not thinking about it."

Charcoal Grill owner Sanjay Madan said, "Winter in Kolkata holds a special charm. Grills and barbecues with a glass of beer is an immediate favourite for the foodies."

The Chill and Grill Festival will end on Dec 20.