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Global Partnership through ICT to boost agri extension is on

Posted on Dec 08, 01:15PM | UNI

Formation of a global partnership that will benefit the poor farmers with the knowledge on agricultural extension and education through the Information and Communication Technology tools is underway.

Such practices are in vogue in Philippines and several developed countries and All India Radio and certain News Channels including ETV in India have started educating the farmers through different programmes in a small way on farm practices.

A dedicated communication link had also been provided to benefit the farmers in India but most of the farmers are not aware of this and other tools with the lack of adequate publicity by different agencies involved.

Once constituted, the global partnership is likely to help millions of small farmers worldwide improve their yields, incomes and resilience as they will have better access to appropriate information and knowledge about informed choices on farming practices.

Yet, despite new information and communication technologies (ICT), reaching out to these farmers with the right information at the right time is still a largely unmet challenge, experts opined.

They were participating in a two-day international workshop held at the Infosys Campus in Hyderabad on December 3-4.