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More than 1 lakh went on Haj pilgrimage in 2012

Posted on Dec 08, 01:01PM | UNI

1,225,064 people, including 56,117 women and 88 infants from India undertook the Haj pilgrimage in two phases this year through Haj Committee of India (HOCI),according to President A Aboobucker who is also the Vice-Chairman of HOCI.

In a release here today, Mr Aboo Bucker said the Haj pilgrims of India utilised 440 flights of Saudi Airlines and Air India from 21 embarkation points in the country, including Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chenaani, Calicut, Jaipur, Poona and Sri Nagar etc.

He said the maximum number of pilgrims were from Delhi (21,870 in 60 flights), Kolkata (30 flights, 12512) Lucknow (11402 in (40 Flights) Uttar Pradesh had sent 32525 pilgrims which account for 25 per cent of of HCOI quota, West Bengal 11658 followed by Maharashtra with 11159 haj pilgrims, he said.

He said there were 197 deaths and four births during the pilgrimage.

He said the refunds due to downgradation were processed and would be issued by the Indus Ind Bank directly to the Pilgrims. The list of such Pilgrims along-with refund amount was posted on the website of Haj Committee of India. The remaining refunds due to cancellations and excess payment by some Hajis were under process in the office of Haj Committee of India, he added.