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Injustice to Saurashtra farmers by BJP govt: Sonia

Posted on Dec 08, 12:15PM | UNI

Concerned about the fate of Saurashtra's farmers even after 12 years of BJP rule, UPA chairperson and Congress president Sonia Gandhi has charged the government of not providing Narmada water for irrigation purposes.

Addressing an election rally here this evening, after arriving three hours behind schedule, Ms Gandhi alleged that farmers are not getting adequate power supply and water for their precious crops in the BJP rule and it was shameful.

Nearly 4.5 lakh farmers were not getting electricity connections, she alleged.

She said that Rs 1100 crore project for development of the Junagadh region had been announced but nothing had been done and wondered where the money had gone? The Congress leader alleged the BJP government had also announced Rs 11,000 crore projects under the Sagarkhedu Sarvangi Vikas Yojana, the much publicised development scheme of the Narendra Modi Government, for 3,000 coastal villages for fishermen but unfortunately very little had been done in this regard and fishermen of the region were not benefitted.

She also accused the BJP government over health concerns and alleged that nearly 47 per cent children were suffering from malnutrition. There has been no development under the BJP Government despite huge monetary assistance given by the centre to the state.