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Minister denies starvation death:Congress stages walk out in protest

Posted on Dec 08, 12:09PM | UNI

Opposition Congress today staged a walkout in the Odisha Assembly in protest after state Revenue and Disaster Minister Suryanarayan refused to admit any starvation deaths in the state.

Participating on a debate on the admissibility of an adjournment motion on starvation deaths, leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh allegd that 407 people have died of starvation in the state since 2009.

Mr Singh said various benefits announced by the government under the Food Security programme were not reaching the beneficiaries leading to the such deaths.

Congress members Santosh Singh Saluja,Surendra Prasad Pramanik, Ramachandra Kadam and Hitesh Kumar Bagarti said though the Union government was providing sufficient rice to BPL, APL and PLO families still people were dying because these are not reaching them.

However,the Minister dubbed the allegation as false and baseles stating that the government had taken all steps to check starvation and denied that there was any starvation deaths anywhere in the state during the last four years.

Mr Patro said during the last four years there were allegations of 30 starvation deaths and one incident of child sale but inquiry into these incidents found that the people have died either due to some other diseases or for other reasons.