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Reform but don't deride politics to achieve Surajya: Dr JP

Posted on Dec 08, 12:02PM | UNI

Surajya Movement Convener Dr Jayaprakash Narayan counselled people to strive for reform politics, instead of blaming, hating and deriding politicians.

The ultimate responsibility for the present pathetic state of affairs lies with voters and not the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister or law makers all of whom they elect.

Addressing a large gathering after calling off his three-day 'Jana Chaitnaya Nirahara Deeksha' at Dharna Chowk near Indira Park here, he said the Steering Committee of the Surajya Movement conceived the 'deeksha' not as a protest against either the government or political parties, but as a means to educate and enlighten people on a few basic demands.

Dr Narayan sipped coconut water offered by Mr Chukka Ramaiah marking the end of the fast and the beginning of a widespread movement for good governance.