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TDP seeks revoking of cabinet decision on Dharmana

Posted on Dec 08, 11:46AM | UNI

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) senior leader and former Minister Kimidi Kala Venkatrao has demanded the state government to immediately revoke the cabinet's decision on disapproving CBI prosecution and described it as illegal, immoral and unconstitutional.

At a press conference here today, he said cabinet's backing Dharmana Prasadarao Minister was against the spirit of the constitution and nothing but shielding an individual against whom the CBI has established prima facie charges.

'If the cabinet takes a decision in the public interest no one would object. But in the case of Dharmana no public interest is involved .It is only individual and government should not work for protecting individual interests.

The Governor should uphold the constitution by rejecting the cabinet's recommendation on stalling prosecution' he added.

Referring to the inordinate delay in providing compensation to the Nilam cyclone victims, Venkatrao said except showing lip sympathy the government failed to provide any relief till now.

Payment of Rs 10,000 compensation per acre is nothing but a tall talk.

The government should prove its sincerity by securing central assistance to the cyclone victims at least before the commencement of rabi agricultural operations, he added.