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Kangra District with highest number of suicides in Himachal Pradesh

Posted on Dec 07, 02:43PM | UNI

Kangra district has the highest number of suicides in Himachal Pradesh and there had been 30 per cent increase in suicide rate during the last one year.

Dr Abhijit Rozatkar, Assistant professor in department of Psychiatry at Dr R P Government Medical College at Tanda, said this in his work entitled 'Exploring the Stigma of Suicide' which was a first of its kind in India.

He said suicide was among the common preventable causes of death but the result was that people refrain from seeking help when they had thoughts of killing themselves.

His work was co-authored by Binod Pandey, Clinical Psychologist at Dr R P Government Medical College.

Dr Abhijit Rozatkar said people who attempt suicide and family members of those who attempt or commit suicide hide this fact from other society members, including their relatives. He said they do so fearing that society would think less of them and revealing such fact may cause impediment in job, marriage or any other aspect of life.

He said people do not understand that because of this stigma, individuals who could be offered treatment by psychologist or a psychiatrist were not brought for the treatment.