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300 million people suffer from Astham globally: Azad

Posted on Dec 07, 02:26PM | UNI

Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad today said 300 million people suffer from Astham globally.

Participating in the second World Alergy Organization (WAO) International Scientific conference here, the minister said according to World Health Organization (WHO) the number of Asthamtic patients was expected to increase to 400 million by 2025. It also causes about 2,5 lakh deaths annually.

Mr Azad said 200-250 million people sufer from food allergies and one tenth of the population suffers from drug allergies.

Allergic diseases, including life-threatening conditions like ana-phy-laxis, food allergies, certain forms of asthma, rhi-ni-tis, angio-oedema, skin allergies, eo-sino-philic disorders, including eo-sino-philiceso pha-gitis and drug and insect allergies.

The scourge of diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases was posing a mounting challenge to health care practitioners, administrators and policy makers in terms of the increasing complexity of treatment, life-long management and rising demand for more resources, Mr Azad said.