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Surajya movement seeks to realise Dr Ambedkar's dreams: Dr JP

Posted on Dec 06, 08:58PM | UNI

The real tribute to daliticon Baba Saheb B R Ambedkar would only be providing quality education to all irrespective of their caste or religion, Surajya Movement Convener Jayaprakash Narayan here said today.

Dr Narayan was addressing a large gathering of students and youth on the second day of the 'Jana Chaitnya Deeksha' launched by the steering committee of the 'Surajya Movement' at dharna chowk near Indira Park.

Speaking after garlanding a portrait of Dr Ambedkar on his death anniversary, Dr Narayan said the architect of the Indian Constitution visualised caste barriers breaking down and everyone becoming self-reliant once every child is provided quality education.

"We have dashed Dr Ambedkar's dreams going by an OECD survey of educational standards of 15-year-old students in 74 countries. India is ranked as the 73rd and China as the first among the countries. Although the Government spends Rs 18,000 per student per year on school education, their standards are abysmally poor," he said.