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Remark by Venkaiah against Congress MP causes uproar in RS

Posted on Dec 06, 08:26PM | UNI

A remark by BJP member M Venkaiah Naidu on a Congress MP, during the debate on the FDI in multi-brand retail issue, in the Rajya Sabha today caused an uproar in Congress benches.

It forced a brief adjournment of the House.

While Mr Naidu was speaking in favour of the motion to disapprove of the FDI in retail, Congress MP from Rajasthan Prabha Thakur stood up to say something.

A visibly irritated Mr Naidu made a remark directed at the member. Immediately, members of the Congress were on their feet protesting the remark made by Mr Naidu.

The assurance by Deputy Chairman P J Kurien that he would expunge the remark failed to pacify the Congress members who continued with their uproar.

The pleas by the Chair to members to maintain order fell on deaf ears as the members continued with their uproar, which forced Dr Kurien to adjourn the House for ten minutes.

After the House reassembled, Mr Naidu, refusing to apologise, asked the Chair to check the record.

The Congress members, led by Ms Renuka Chowdhury continued with their protests and insisted on an apology by Mr Naidu.

The assurance by Dr Kurien that he would go through the records and if a remark had been made against any member, he would give a ruling tomorrow failed to pacify the members who shouted slogans 'we want justice'.

Finally, Mr Naidu stood up to say that ''I have not made any derogatory remark. I have the highest respect for everybody. I do not mean disresoect for anyone.''