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Anna will not vote for Kejriwal party

Posted on Dec 06, 07:17PM | IBNS

India's civil society activism is just not split wide open, but now there's little room for reconciliation.

The face of civil activism, who became the rallying point of millions of Indians hungry for change, Anna Hazare, has dropped a bombshell at the TV Today network's conclave - Agenda Aaj Tak. He signalled that the split is irreversible.

At "Agenda Aaj Tak", lashing out at Arvind Kejriwal, Anna said his one-time protege is caught in the vicious cycle of power-and-money politics and he won't venture near him.

"I will not vote for Kejriwal's party (Aam Aadmi Party). I prefer not cross his path. His unrelenting ambition and lust for power triggered the split. And I won't hesitate to launch an agitation against Kejriwal if he is wrong," Anna said.

He was speaking at a session- Ek Adhuri Kranti? (An Incomplete Revolution).

Anna said he is bitter that Kejriwal left him just when the campaign against corruption had taken a decisive turn.

"In 65 years, it was the first time that Indians thought that civil society could change the system and bring probity in governance. It was the turning point in our movement. And it was just then that Kejriwal betrayed us. His hunger for power forced us to part ways," said Anna.

Anna also thinks that his Jan Lokpal Bill won't be passed by Parliament.

"If the Jan Lokpal is passed in Parliament that 15 ministers will be in jail. But we will continue our campaign," the Gandhian activist said.

Though Anna is bitter in his parting of ways with Kejriwal, he said nobody is an untouchable if it's for a cause.

"I did meet Ramdev (yoga guru). If he snaps ties with communal forces, he's welcome into my movement," he said.

Speaking on if his movement will remain an incomplete revolution, Anna said he will return with vengeance.

"Wait for one and half years and you will see a bigger revolution. This will be total revolution, a bigger flood than what you saw at Ramlila Maidan and Jantar Mantar," he said.

In the session - What should be the nation's ideal leader?, Kapil Sibal from Congress, Arun Jaitley from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Sitaram Yechury from Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI-M) held fort.

At "Agenda Aaj Tak" Sibal made a statement on allegations of political parties being hand in glove on the question of corruption.

Pinned down on Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh's reported statement that he's aware of scandals in BJP, but won't reveal, Sibal said, "Making such public statements is dangerous for democracy.

"Such statements should be backed by proof and it's the responsibility of those making such allegations to place the truth in public domain."

Sibal was clearly hitting out Digvijaya for making unsubstantiated allegations.

Jaitley also made a veiled attack on Kejriwal's weekly exposes.

He said, "Now, there's an atmosphere of cynicism in the country when every unsubstantiated allegation becomes a scam. And this is being done without verification of facts."

Referring to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail vote in Parliament, Jaitley attacked the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government.

In a subtle attack on the heartland satraps, Mulayam Singh Yadav (Samajwadi Party supremo) and Mayawati (Bahujan Samaj Party chief), he said, "The fear of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) chargesheet has forced some leaders to bail out the government in Parliament. These leaders spoke against FDI in retail, but did a U-turn when it came to voting."

Not to put on the mat, Sibal said, "It's the same CBI which had absolved BJP leader L K Advani of charges."

Then Jaitley questioned why CBI is not an automonous body.

In the session -- Jaat Par Na Paat Par, Muhar Lagegi Vikas Par--, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said his biggest achievement was enforce the rule of law and remove fear from the minds of the people.

"Bihar was a cause of national concern. To call oneself a Bihari was an insult. Now there's a growing enthusiasm. Now, it's a question of pride that has blurred caste barriers," said Nitish.

Nitish clearly said, he's not in the race for the Prime Minister's post.

"I am not aware about the BJP's PM candidate. We will decide on support to the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) when they announce their PM's candidature.

"I am not in the race for the PM's post. It's the era of coalition politics. The larger party should get responsibility to lead the nation. The PM cannot be nominated and there can be no two power centres," said the Janata Dal (United) leader.

Nitish refused to delve into his rocky relationship with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

"I have spoken my mind on Modi once and I stick to it. And I don't have the time to campaign in Gujarat," Nitish said.

Pertinently, Janata Dal (United) is a key ally of the BJP-led NDA.