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Philippines: Bopha toll touches 325

Posted on Dec 06, 01:15PM | IBNS

The number of deaths caused by Typhoon Bopha, which raged across southern Philippines a couple of days ago, has crossed 300.

"We have 325 dead and this is expected to rise because many more are missing," a report quoted civil defence chief Benito Ramos as saying early on Thursday.

"Communications are bogged down, there is no electricity, roads and bridges have been destroyed," he said.

Typhoon Bopha hurtled across the southern part of the country with wind speeds of more than 200kmph destroying houses and uprooting trees and bringing a lot of rain.

At least 41,000 people were evacuated from high-risk areas ahead of the storm.

A large number of flights were cancelled and ferry services suspended owing to the typhoon.

About 20 typhoons hit Philippines every year and Bopha was this year's strongest.