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Kolkata eatery Benjarong celebrates 'Loi Krathong'

Posted on Dec 05, 10:00PM | IBNS

After Diwali celebration, it was time to celebrate another festival of lights namely Loi Krathong, a Thai occasion that was celebrated last week at a city eatery, Benjarong.

Loi Krathong is considered to be one of the most special festivals in Thailand and this mother of all festivals is celebrated on the evening of the 12th month, according to the Thai lunar calendar.

In Thailand 'Loi' means to float, and krathong denotes small rafts or baskets which with lit up candles pay homage to the goddess of water.

Thai restaurant in South City Mall, Benjarong, like every year this year also celebrated the traditional festival of lights by organizing some exquisite Thai cuisines for the foodies.

Narendra Malhotra, the CEO of Oriental Cuisines, said, "This is a special festival as it also marks the end of a good year and new beginnings. To make the experience really special we will have real krathongs that our guests will be able to set afloat after making their wish. We have created signature dishes that truly celebrate the spirit of the Loi Krathong festival and which we hope our guests will relish."

The food lovers could taste the variety of Thai foods right from the starter to dessert like Pla Hor Baitey, Gai Kolae, Hed Tohu Tod Namprik Pow, Phak Bung Tod Gratiem Prik Tai, Goong Mung Korn Pahd Vollappa, Talay Pahd Keow Wahn, Kaichi, Hed Tohu Pahd Bai Graprou.