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All dams in Tirumala full

Posted on Dec 05, 09:49PM | UNI

Thanks to copious rains, all major dams in Tirumala are full, ending the water scarcity in the temple town.

The incessant rains in the last two days filled up the dams, including the major water source, 'Gogarbham', apart from Papavinasanam, Akasaganga, Kumaradhara and Pasupudhara dams in Tirumala.

Briefing newspersons here today, the TTD Eexecutive Officer L V Subramanyam said, 'thanks to the Almighty, all the dams are 100 per cent full while water level in Gogarbham has increased to over 60 per cent. 'This can meet the water requirements for the next 395 days', he added.