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Calls sustainable approach in managing demand-supply gaps in P sector

Posted on Dec 05, 09:47PM | UNI

Andhra Pradesh Energy Principal Secretary M Sahoo today called for a sustainable approach to manage the demand supply gaps in the power sector as there are lot of ups and downs in the supply of electricity to it customers.

Participating at the fourth editon of a two-day Regional Power Conference and Exposition on 'Reliable and Affordable power for All-Managing the Next Decade' organised by Confederation of Indian Industry, here, he said 'there are periods when power supply was extremely good and was as per the demands of the increasing consumers. However, it was never stable and is in a regular flux', he said.

Talking about the capacity, Mr Sahoo pointed out that Andhra Pradesh has immense capacity to produce power, but are short of fuel through which power can be produced.

'Electricity through RLNG is normally not affordable to the general industry and hence cannot be a long term solution.

Hence, affordability is an issue', he said.

The Principal Secretary also spoke about the issues connecting the National Grid to the Southern Grid. 'The Southern Grid earlier opted out of getting connected to the National Grid, as the Western Grid was worse during that time. There are islands of bottlenecks, which need to be worked out while connecting it to the National Grid', he said.