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Govt should allow FDI in single brand retail not multibrand: Roy

Posted on Dec 05, 09:44PM | UNI

Opposing the Government's decision to allow 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail, Trinamool Congress leader Saugata Roy today appealed to the UPA Government to withdrew the decision.

Responding to the reply of Commerce and Industry Minister Ananad Sharma to the debate in the Lok Sabha on the issue under Rule 184 that entailed voting, Mr Roy suggested, "instead of allowing 51 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail, the Government should allow it in single brand retail." He said despite the fact that the Commerce and Industry Minister explained very well on the Government's decision," I would like to make it clear that they are imposing it on people.

"The Government said the decision is not mandatory for every state as they have discretion to approve or disapprove the decision, but, what if the present Government in the states, which favour the decision falls after the elections in the state. The retail chain will remain or be destroyed?" he asked.

Speaking on the motion moved by him on the issue, Independent Member Hasan Khan expressed satisfaction on the explanation given by the Commerce and Industry Minister.

He said, "My amendment was identical with Professor Saugata Roy but now, I am satisfied with the explanation given by the Government and withdraw the motion."