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655 independents in fray for Gujarat Assembly elections

Posted on Dec 05, 09:29PM | UNI

As many as 655 independent candidates are slated to play a significant role in the electoral equations of major political parties in the coming Gujarat assembly elections, scheduled to be held in two phases.

According to details available from the Election Commission here, there are 1,666 candidates in the fray for 182 constituencies of the assembly. Out of 1,666 candidates, 655 candidates are contesting the election as an independents. There are 381 independents for 87 constituencies of the first phase of polling. For 95 constituencies of the second phase, there are 274 independent candidates in the fray.

Though very few independents emerge victorious in the elections, more and more independents are jumping into the fray. This time, there are as many as 16 seats where more than 16 candidates are in the fray. Barring major political parties, Congress, BJP and recently formed Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) rest are either independents or belong to small parties which have no presence in the state.

The political observers here have pointed out that sometimes, major political parties or candidates encourage independents to split the votes of the opponents.