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Special documentary on child beggary

Posted on Dec 05, 09:21PM | UNI

'Operation Hope', a special documentary on child beggary, will be premiering on CNN on December 8 at 1430 hrs as part of CNN's Freedom Project initiative.

The Freedom Project throws light on the efforts of individuals and organisations working to fight the injustices of forced labour, sex trafficking, unauthorised organ harvesting, and other forms of human trafficking in the United States and around the world.

The project is an effort by CNN to take a stand on an issue, raise awareness towards these injustices and push for a tangible change.

In May 2011, the CNN Freedom Project highlighted the story of a seven-year-old boy kidnapped off the streets of Bangladesh by a criminal gang that, according to authorities, snatched children, crippled them, and then forced them to beg.

When this young boy refused, he was beaten, stabbed and mutilated.

His injuries shocked everyone. But one CNN viewer was so outraged, he took a stand. He offered to help the boy, and triggered a chain reaction of goodwill that spanned the globe and changed the boy's life.

In Operation Hope, CNN Senior International Correspondent, Sara Sidner charts the boy's remarkable journey and the people who made it happen - complete strangers half a world away.

"Operation Hope premieres on CNN on Saturday, December 8 at 1430 hrs IST. The documentary also airs on Sunday, December 9 at 0130 hrs, 0730 hrs and 1530 hrs IST; Monday December 10 at 0830 hrs.