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ISEC to hold int. seminar on economic growth, trade and poverty

Posted on Dec 05, 09:02PM | UNI

The Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC) here will organise a joint two-day international seminar on 'Economic Growth, Trade and Poverty' with Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) of China from tomorrow.

The seminar will discuss the economic issues affecting growth in India and China, and more specifically it will attempt to understand how these two countries have experienced relatively high economic growth over time, issues related to trade reforms and their implications for poverty reduction, ISEc said in a release here today.

Besides technical presentations, a panel discussion on the seminar theme is also planned. The seminar is being attended by the noted social scientists and economists from India and China. Indian participants include K R S Murthy, R S Deshpande, S L Rao, Former Ambassador Saurabh Kumar, Pankaj Chandra, Anup K Purjari, Elumalai Kannan, M H Suryanarayana, Ashwini Deshpande, Ramesh Chand, Gautam Sen and Siddharth Swaminathan. Chinese participants from SASS include Guo Xiaoming, Wen Xingwu, Chen Jixiang, Yue Zhaomin, Xiang Baoyun and Wang Ling.